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This is a 2019 remake of the original 1991 Summertime by the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff that will be a song on the Musicianary Mixtape.


Written by Justin Douglas

Verse 1:

Take a journey back with me to when you were a kid,
Think real hard cuz the memory may be hid,
Most of us were carefree carelessly courageous,
With limitless imaginations some would call outrageous,

What happened? For a moment lets get it back,
Summertime was still the time we could really relax,
Last day of school was a present Christmas morning,
You not careful you’d get thrown in the pool with no warning,

Summertime was the time to live with your other parent,
Where you preferred to be in the summer became apparent,
Bicycle rides swimming pools theme parks,
Basketball Beaches RCI Resorts.

Verse 2:

Fast forward a little bit to 19 or 20,
College summertime still a prize dig in your memory,
Only thing now we got more responsibility,
Summer jobs summer school may be your new identity,

Mine could be summarized as what I’m doing now,
My summer job was lyrically ministry like now,
And a little valet parking when ampco would book a party,
Running to get the car frat boy sorority party,

What was your summer job Houston summers hot,
James Evans after JJ got shot,
Old show marathons cooling in the AC,
Good Times, Jeffersons, Momas Family,

Martin ,Family Matters, BET,
Hits from the Street Rap City,
Recording your favorite songs on the radio on cassette,
Getting Commercials because you forgot to pause and eject.

Verse 3:

We in the mist of it thou shalt not covet,
As an adult I covet summertime like muppets do puppets,
I’m a teacher so I’m sure my teachers understand,
Summer time equals no more disrespect from little Stan,

No mo talking without permission no mo teacher supervision,
No subtraction or addition I can focus on my mission,
Envision precision decision decision,
To work for your worth for your worthy ambition,

The best part of teaching seems like June and July,
If you say you never thought it then you’s a lie,
When schools out people on them planes and cruise ships,
Lots of cats on vacations and Caribbean trips,

Me I’m home working on my dream like a fiend,
My only fix success no needles no lean,
To some it may seem obscene I’m up at 5:30,
I go to work early I work my work early,

More time to work out and hit them exercise goals,
5K runs abs basketball goals,
The healthy rapper in the summer in full effect,
So much so fitbit should be sending me a check,

I’m working on my mixtape studying lines,
Submitting for roles building youtube subscribes,
Summer reading is essential it’s fundamental,
Working on completing 3 books to stimulate my mental,

Keeps me motivated as a kid I hated it,
Never did my summer reading now I’m elated,
Summertime takes a different form for everyone,
But we can all agree that summertime is always fun.


released July 14, 2019
Written by Justin Douglas
Engineered Mixed and Mastered by Preech Music
Cover Art by Jay Dabney of Destinii II Shine Records


all rights reserved



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